Sunday, January 22, 2023

Canadian Bull Moose Sheds Both Antlers

"My name is Derek Burgoyne, I am a Forestry Operations Supervisor. As I was flying my drone on Jan 12, 2023, inspecting a hardwood ridge, I spotted 3 moose bedded in the snow with my drone. As a flew nearby, they stood up due to their sharp hearing and began to feed. The bull with both antlers had a walked about 50 yards and as I put him in center frame on my drone camera, and luckily clicked record, he began to shake his body to rid himself of the snow that was on him. With it being shed season, the time of year when the antlers fall off, and me being a shed hunter by hobby, I held my breath, hoping it would happen…and it did! As he shook his head, both antler flew off! A bull can shed 1 side and and carry the other side for days even weeks, so this was extremely rare for this to happen and catch it on film!! When the antler flew off and I realized I was recording I said to myself, “this could be viral material!” I consider this winning the lottery when it comes to wildlife photography."

January 12, 2023. Plaster Rock, New Brunswick, Canada.

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