Monday, December 12, 2022

"Yosef" Beri Weber | Official Video

ספר בראשית is a spellbinding collection of Parshas that tells the amazing tales of our ancestors and the valuable lessons we learn from their actions and sacrifices.

The final chapters of this Sefer entail the lengthiest and arguably the most interesting story in that of Yosef Hatzadik and the rest of the Tribes.

It is a story that is over 4000 years old but reads like a current suspense novel with betrayal, deceit, and the ultimate reveal that kids wait all year to hear played out by their Rebbes and teachers.

A child, orphaned from his loving mother, favored by his father thereby resulting in terrible jealousy from the rest of his siblings, bullied for being a dreamer, and ultimately exiled, sold, enslaved, and imprisoned.

But out of all that comes the real story; how instead of giving up and giving in, he rose to and overcame those horrific challenges and ultimately attained the titles of both יוסף המלך and יוסף הצדיק

Thousands of years and similar stories later yet still haven’t learned from our forefathers
We fall and falter at any perceived threat or confrontation and hold lifelong grudges that hurt generations, Why?

Well, my latest album Korban takes on these important topics and conquers it in the final masterpiece titled עוד יוסף חי Yosef is alive.

I  could write a book with the number of stories and messages and lives impacted by a single song…parents and children reconciling, Rebbes relating to their Talmidim, people reconnecting to Hashem and the Torah, kids getting back on track after relating to the strong message in this song and the calls keep coming.

If ever there was a song that needed a proper music video, this was it.  It required a message and lesson that would connect and trigger a generation that is continually evolving with an issue as old as Yosef himself; the topic of bullying and being bullied and the strength needed to overcome it.

Such a monumental task required the right group of people to bring it to fruition and boy did we get it

With the involvement and creativity of Pinchas Bichler of the legendary Malchus Choir, and his phenomenal script writing the vision of cinematographer Michael Tzi the amazing production of Hershy Segal and the beauty that is the land of Eretz Yisroel, the result will leave you breathless.



Composed & Lyrics by: Motty Ilowitz
Concept & Screenplay: Pinchas Bichler

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