Sunday, December 11, 2022

LIVE: Unite To Heal by Amudim - 36 Hour Live Event

Addressing Crisis in Jewish Communities Worldwide, Amudim Unites to Heal in Annual Fundraiser

Amudim’s Unite To Heal campaign, a 36 hour fundraiser whose previous livestreams have drawn millions of worldwide followers, is returning for a third time on December 11th and 12th. More than just a program that entertains and inspires with segments on mental health, community, religion, comedy and Jewish music, Unite To Heal raises the lion’s share of Amudim’s annual budget, which this year totals $9 million, serving those struggling with critical issues in Jewish communities near and far.

This year’s livestream benefit will feature multiple unique thought-provoking segments. Rabbi Dr. Ari Lamm and Pastor Michael Fisher will discuss building bridges between the Jewish and African-American communities in a segment titled Black Americans and Jewish Americans – How Do We Heal?, while Rachie Shnay will moderate a discussion with Joyce Azria and Charlene Aminoff on how frum female entrepreneurs strike a balance between business and family titled Three Blondes Walk Into a Business. Well known personalities Rabbi Shais Taub, Rabbi Simon Jacobson and Rabbi Manis Friedman will address important issues in a feature moderated by Eda Schottenstein and Rivkah Krinsky called Unlocking Healthy and Happy Relationships: From the Inside Out, while Rabbi Shay Schachter will moderate a conversation on difficult questions between Rabbi Larry Rothwachs, Rabbi Daniel Feldman and Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz titled They Asked What!?! Mental Health and it’s Real Life Implications on Psak Halacha. Drawing support for mental health issues and crisis from both inside and outside the Jewish community, Unite to Heal will also feature many others, including Rabbi Hershel Schachter, Rabbi Efrem Goldberg, Jonathan Pollard, Ishay Ribo, Hillel Fuld, actor and comedian Tom Arnold and former NBA star Eddy Curry.

More than just 36 hours of high quality programming, Unite To Heal is the oxygen that helps Amudim continue its operations, which in turn provides lifesaving help to thousands each year. Amudim saw its call volume increase by 64 percent after the 2021 Unite To Heal livestream, further illustrating the need for public support in order to help those in crisis.

For Amudim CEO and co-founder Rabbi Zvi Gluck, donations to Unite To Heal are an investment in people, communities and futures, one that comes with a considerable price tag.

“From day one, we did not want anyone to be afraid to call us for help because they couldn’t afford it,” said Gluck. “Our money comes from the public - it is the people who support us.”

Gluck emphasized that while Amudim does receive grants, those funds are just a drop in the bucket given the organization’s multimillion dollar budget, with all monies raised during Unite To Heal going directly to servicing clients.

“We need partners in the community to help us to raise that money,” said Gluck, adding, “Know that by supporting Amudim, you are saving lives.”

Donate to Unite To Heal and support Amudim’s lifesaving work

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