Monday, December 05, 2022

Lev Layeled: The Home When There's Is NO Home

What is a home?

For young children, a home is not just a space where they live and keep their things. Home is where they are cherished, nourished, protected, and surrounded with warmth and positivity by the people that love them most.

But what happens when life at home is no life for a child? When the environment is full of strife, or one parent is incapable of being there and providing for their child’s needs? The problems that arise as a result can last a lifetime, with devastating consequences.

Lev Leyeled was founded with the mission of being there for such children and ensuring that they can enjoy a healthy childhood despite the turmoil surrounding them. Every child’s needs are unique, and Lev Leyeled steps in with one goal: to put the child's needs first and be there for them every single day.

This critical campaign will help Lev Leyeled be there for the most vulnerable among us. Please do your part and show these children that they are not alone.

Thank You

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