Saturday, December 03, 2022

Gershon Veroba’s First Album Now Digitally Restored

40 years ago, Gershon Veroba was still new in the Jewish Music business, but already singing and playing multiple instruments since childhood. He needed a solo album, but with no outside financial or production help, his only choice was to produce and perform it all on his own at his friends studio in their hometown of Mamaroneck, NY.

The equipment could only record up to 16 tracks, still in an era before digital sampling or editing, so GV only had 16 places to record instruments and vocals by himself. Since 2” analog tape was expensive, the album was recorded on two used reels, left behind 10 years before at Jimmy Hendrix’s Electric Lady studios by singer B.J. Thomas.

The result was his debut solo album, "Man To Man.” With musical influences ranging from Dan Fogelberg and Dr. John and Carlebach and Israeli pop, Gershon brought styles like none before or since to the Jewish world. The album was recognized immediately by industry insiders and inspired a growing circle of fans, including major producers and performers of the future.

It was released on LP and cassette Chanukah, 1982 and never touched again, until now. Over the last few decades, the “Man To Man album was gradually digitized, re-edited, restored and repaired, rescuing tracks from tape that is now 50 years-old.

This past year, those tracks were finally sent to Los Angeles, where engineer Michael Jon Stern remixed it in streaming collaboration with Gershon.

The new, definitive “Man To Man - Anniversary Digital Edition” album is now complete, ready for download starting December 1st, 2022 from all online stores and on the new website. Pre-ordering starts November 1st. For all further information & contact, go to or email

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