Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Chanukah Concert in Israel MBD, Steinmetz, Weinberger

Accompanied by Neranenu Choir & Yoeli Dikman Band.  At Binyenei HaUma concert hall, Jerusalem Israel. December 21, 2022. 

Mordechai Ben David with Chinese Gong and Mallet in hand, sings hit song Lulay Torascha. Composed by MBD.

Mordechai Ben David & Motti Steinmetz sing Shma Beni. Composed by: Moshe (Mona) Rosenblum.

Zanvil Weinberger Min Hashamayim medley. "Min Hashamayim" composed by Pinky Weber

Motti Steinmetz Morroco medely. The first song "Yaffa VeTamma" is Holy Poetry (Piyyut) describing Israels' love for the Torah. It was composed and written by the esteemed Rabbi Shlomo Abitbul ZTL of Marrakesh, Morroco (19th Century). The second song "A'ufa Eshkonah" is based on the Song of Songs, describing Israels yearning for Moshiach. It was composed and written by Rabbi Isaac Abuhatzeira ZTL of Tafilalt Morroco (late 19th, early 20th century).

Motti Steinmetz sings Veyihi Zari. Song composed by: Rabbi Yaakov Yehuda Daskal

Motti Steinmetz sings Simeini Kachosom. Song composed by: Rabbi Moshe Kalisch.

Motti Steinmetz sings Umiskadesh & Bizchus HaTorah. Songs composed by: Eli Klein & Itzy Beri.

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