Thursday, October 06, 2022

Sukkos Concert feat. Benny, Baruch, Tischler, Marcus

Are you prepared for the best Chol Hamoed experience yet?!

As yet another Chol Hamoed approaches, heavy concert preparations are underway at Gronny and Icky productions.

With last year's success in their pockets, they prepare to wow the public with yet another amazing show!!

Starring top music stars, this concert is bound to blow you away.

Benny Friedman! Baruch Levine! Eli Marcus! Moshe Tischler!

All accompanied by the electrifying *Blue Melody band*, led by the famous *Rafi Greidi*.

Hear the latest songs from the most recently released albums and prepare to be amazed! Inspired! Energized!

Come spend your night in joined harmony and Ahavas Yisrael!

A true event of musical thrill.


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