Wednesday, October 12, 2022

LIVE: Mega Hakhel Event & Simcha Beis Hashoeva in BP

Watch Live at 8:00 PM: Thousands will be joining a Mega Hakhel event in Boro Park, with singer Motty Ilowitz, Yingerlach, a ventriloquist show, and more.

Composer and singer Motty Ilowitz wrote a brand-new song about Hakhel and he will be performing it for the first time at this event.

Master Ventriloquist Yisroel Silverstein will perform with multiple puppets and a brand new show – all on the theme of Hakhel!

A full orchestra led by Yossi Cohen will accompany Motty Ilowitz as well as the featured Yingerlach choir and the Kapelye Choir.

Fifteen talented Bochurim have prepared an incredible presentation: A 15-member juggling act, reminiscent of the original Simchas Bais Hasho’eva in the Bais HaMikdosh…

“The Rebbe really wants the message and the celebration of Hakehl to happen,” says organizer of the event, Rabbi Aron Ginsberg. “To make it possible, please donate whatever you can.”

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