Wednesday, October 12, 2022

LET'S GO! Shmuly Schneider - Krohma Music

After recently releasing several widely popular music clips, the powerhouse singer, Shmuly Schneider now presents a live wedding clip together with the phenomenal Krohma Band!

So LET'S GO! Hit that play button and enjoy!

Intro: Mashiach - Yehuda Green
Meloich - Yingerlich
Bar Ilu - Ohad and Shmueli Ungar
Bobov Niggun
Sibat Hasibot - Ishay Ribo
Yaamoid - Leiby Moskowitz and Shea Berko
Itcha Ani - Avraham Fried

Music by: Krohma Band
Arranged and Conducted by: Nochi Krohn
Live recording engineer: Ruli Ezrachi
Audio Mix: Nochi Krohn
Team KROHMA: Dov Katz, Elly Zomick, Michael Sojcher
Sound by: Black Arrow Productions
Venue: Lake Terrace
Video and edit by: Motty Engel

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