Thursday, October 06, 2022

Cantor Yaakov Stark - Cantorial Classics - Hoshana

In preparation for Sukkos, Chazzan Yaakov Stark is releasing another powerful composition full of yearning and emotion, based on the well-known and intricate "Hoshana" that was composed by Chazzan Moshe Ganchoff.

"Hoshana" joins the legendary Cantorial Classics series of music videos that were previously filmed in the Beis Medrash Hagadol in Tel Aviv, from which the Chazzan Stark has already released the "Machrozes Shabbos" and "Umipnei Chatoeinu," with more in the works...

As usual, this time, too, it is an elaborate production by the producer and arranger Meir Briskman., Accompanying Stark on the piano is internationally renowned pianist Menachem Bristovsky.

Produced, arranged and conducted by Meir Briskman
Musical Director: Meir Briskman
Coordinator: Nava Sahar

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