Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Have the Zechus of Saving 5 Year Old Sari!

Sari’s life is in danger! 

We had everything that a young couple could dream of.

A happy marriage.

A beautiful little girl.

A successful business.

Money. Comfort. Peace of mind.

We had.

But now it’s all gone.

The happiness. The health. The peace of mind.

Our little Sari was diagnosed with a deadly tumor in her liver.

It’s spreading fast, taking over her small body at an appalling rate.

Caring for her took over our lives, forcing us to close the business. At least for now.

We couldn’t manage both at once, and Sari comes first.

Because now, all that counts is keeping Sari alive.

Sari is currently enduring intensive chemotherapy. Since the tumor was discovered at such an advanced stage, her body is overrun with infections and blood clots.

Once she, im yirtzeh Hashem, recovers from the cancer, the next stage will be a liver transplant.

We never worried about money in the past, but suddenly, we’re drowning.

Life is so expensive.

It’s expensive for a regular family. All the more so for a family with a sick child and no source of income. A family that’s been transplanted to the hospital.

And on top of our fear for her life, we’re also terrified that when the time comes for her surgery, we won’t be able to afford it.

We’re doing our best to smile and believe that everything will work out.

With Hashem’s help—and your help—it can.

Help us save little Sari!

Help us keep the smile on her face!


אנא התפללו עבור

שרה טשארנא בת לאה

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