Tuesday, September 06, 2022

Every Action has an Effect - R' Shea Rubenstein

Impact of a Smile

In this week's episode of "Inspiration with Reb Shea," he shows us the importance of being nice to everyone; even people we dont know. It can truly change the trajectory of a person's life.

When Chani, his daughter, was a counselor at Agudah Midwest, she enthusiastically greeted campers as they exited the bus. The first camper she greeted made it a point to say that Chani is not her counselor. Not detered, Chani was quick to reply that none the less, she was happy to see her and that she knows she will have a great summer.

Seven years later, Chani was approached by this girl at an event and the girl related how Chani's warm greeting gave her the confidence to enjoy the summer despite being a newcomer to the camp. She also said that when she became a counselor herself she made it a point to make everyone feel comfortable.

We never know how a simple smile or greeting can change another person's life.

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