Sunday, September 11, 2022

"Achas" Shmueli Ungar & Yedidim an A.T. Production

Weeks of anticipation and excitement. Everyone present anxiously awaits the exact moment as the central figure appears in their status of royalty. How will this climactic decision play out in the future? How will those lucky enough to witness this in person be influenced and impacted? Just then the Kohen Gadol exits peacefully with a sure sign of accepted mercy and tranquility. Yet the same emotions apply to the chupa. A recent kallah, was unable to pick the perfect song for her chupa. She reached out to Shmueli Ungar, who would be singing her down, to get assistance. Understanding the magnitude and power of this moment in her life she needed the song to hit home and touch her soul. 'One by one' she flicked through options until she stumbled upon "Achas". Achas is an absolutely chilling song describing the Kohen Gadol's avodah on Yom Kippur as he beseeches Hashem to be mochel v'soleach Klal Yisroel. As Shmueli learned the song he was additionally blown away by its power and decided to share that experience with all.

Video Credits:
Musical Production: Aaron Teitelbaum Orchestra & Productions
Technical Production: Naftali Schnitzler & A House of Music
Original Song: Yaakov Shwekey/ Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz
Live music arranged and conducted by: Yisroel Lamm
Sung by: Shmueli Ungar
Choir by: Yedidim Choir
Choir Conducted by: Yoel Hersh Fuchs
Live Mix by: Baba Z. Burger
Post Mix by: Naftali Schnitzler
Video Filmed by: Engel Studios
Assistance: Joe B
Social Media: Normyn Media -(929)244-3693

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