Wednesday, August 31, 2022

What Happens When a Moisad Cannot Pay?

Nine staff members of a Moisad have not been paid in over six months. The <oisad does not have the funds to pay them, but they need food in their fridges and they are behind the rent.

What Happens When a Moisad Cannot Pay?

Would you work for free?

What happens when you dedicate yourself the Yiddisher education of children, but the promised paycheck never materializes?

Nine staff members of a Brooklyn Moisad have not been paid in over six months. With families and bills to pay, what are they supposed to do? These dedicated employees have worked for an unnamed moisad, understanding that it’s more than just a job.  

But after six months of no pay, they cannot continue. The moisad does not have the funds to pay them, but they need food in their fridges and gas in their cars. There have been constant promises of paychecks, but nothing has materialized other than the occasional small amount, which is a negligible amount of what they are owed.

Unfortunately, this is not a new phenomenon, and other moisdos have struggled with paying their staff. However, many community organizations have restructured themselves over the past few years to ensure salaries were delivered on time.

While this moisad is trying to deal with its financial challenges, a group of dedicated volunteers have taken it upon themselves to raise $X to pay some of the money owed to these employees who have worked months without pay. They have partnered with the Righteous Fundraising Team to create a campaign for these committed staff members.

While admitting this is not a permanent solution, it does allow the staff to pay some of their most urgent bills.

One staff member shared, “I’m dedicated to the organization, and I believe in its value, but at this point, I have a responsibility to my wife and children. I can’t continue like this.”

With rising living costs and an explosion of eye-catching fundraising campaigns, it can be challenging for local Moisdos to meet their fundraising needs. However, for these staff members, the reason why they haven’t been paid is not their most pressing worry.

Another staff member described his situation, “All I think about is how I can pay the minimum on my credit card. Which card is not maxed out? I know a job isn’t about the money, but at this point, it’s almost all I can think about.”

To participate in the campaign,   

For every $36 donated, your name will be entered into a raffle to win a $1,000 cash prize.   

Be a part of their solution. 

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