Wednesday, August 24, 2022

We’ve Gotten This Close! We Can’t Stop Now!

We’ve gotten this close! We can’t stop now!

Throughout the past weeks, tens of thousands worldwide have united in tefillos and maasim tovim for Yanky’s refuah.  Rivers of tears have been spilled, and thousands joined the campaign, fundraising and donating to save Yanky’s life.

Many of you have already heard or read the heart-wrenching story of 6-year-old Yanky who collapsed only days after his Chumash party.  In no time, the doctors discovered the deadly tumor that formed in his kidneys and has already spread to other organs in his small body.

In Israel, the doctors already despaired of treatment, but there is one cancer clinic in America with an experimental treatment that still has the potential to save his life.  Knowing that this is Yanky’s only chance to live, his parents left their three young children in the care of family and friends in Israel and flew with little Yanky to America.

The enormous expenses incurred throughout the battle for Yanky’s life have drained his parents of every last penny. Their debts pursue them all the way to America, even as they fight valiantly to save their son’s life. 

We can’t leave them alone! We can’t abandon them now when they’re alone in a foreign country, apart from their small children, waging a desperate fight to save their son’s life! 

Open your hands and hearts to save a little boy’s life and a family from collapse! Listen to little Yanky beg to go home just so “I can go back to cheider and learn alef-beis with my rebbi…and play with my friends.”

His parents’ request is just as heart-wrenching!  “Help us bring our son home healthy! Daven that we don’t lose him now when there’s finally hope for his recovery!”

Please continue davening for Chaim Yaakov ben Yocheved Matel b’soch sha’ar cholei Yisrael!

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