Monday, August 08, 2022

Rav Zecharia Wallerstein zt"l's Final Message

📧 To submit names(for free) and learn more about Tu B’Av Together, visit call 1-718-395-5899

Join Klal Yisroel!! Hear directly from Rav Zecharia Wallerstein ZT"L as he invites you to join on this August 12th.

Everything you need to know about Tu B'Av Together in 60 seconds:
📅 On Tu B'Av (8/12) @10AM EST, Klal Yisrael will daven together for shidduchim!
📖 Join LIVE Tefillah event on Fri (8/12) @10am EST
🎼 Watch LIVE pre-Tu B’Av Musical Event with today’s leading stars on Thu (8/11) @7:30pm

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