Monday, August 01, 2022

He's So Sick, and He Doesn't Even Have A Name...

We finally got the medicine.

And with it, a whopper bill.

I looked at the invoice, and my heart plummeted to my toes.

How? How will we afford it?

What should I do? Return the medicine, or again go to the neighbor and ask to borrow money with a promise to return it this week—along with the last loans…

It’s not even a question. There’s no choice.

If I return the medicine, I seal the fate of my own child who needs these medicines to survive.

But who else can I borrow from, when I’ve already borrowed so much to cover the costs of last month’s medication?

My son has been lying in the NICU since he was born.

Our beautiful little boy was born with a severe heart defect.

He’s already undergone massive heart surgery, and there’s still a long road to traverse before he recovers fully.

A long road with another two surgeries along the way.

A long road with medication. Expensive medication that does part of what his heart is supposed to do.

My son’s life depends on this medication.

My son’s life depends on whether or not we can pay for his medication.

His life depends on money!

We’ve spent every last penny of our savings, and we have nothing left.

Yet our little baby doesn’t deserve to die.

We’ve done all we can, reached out to everyone we can, borrowed all that we can afford to pay, and beyond.

We can’t continue borrowing with the knowledge that we can’t repay our debts.

So with no other choice, we’re reaching out to you for help!

The shame of exposing our need is excruciating, but it doesn’t come close to the anguish and guilt we’ll feel knowing that we didn’t do everything in our power to save our baby’s life.

As parents, how will we forgive ourselves for stopping short of reaching out to Klal Yisrael for help?

Please! Kol Yisrael achim! We’re all brothers and sisters! And family doesn’t give up on each other!

I’m reaching out to each and every one of you with a personal plea to give all you can to save our baby’s life!

It’s a gift of life, and our only hope of bringing our baby home!

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