Tuesday, August 30, 2022

A NEW BEGINNING - Inspiration by R' Shea Rubenstein

In this week's "Inspiration with Reb Shea," we uncover one of the most important aspects to success: vigor.

What does the expression "kol haskalos kashe" ( all beginnings are difficult) mean? After all, aren't we excited to start school or a new job? So, what is exactly is so difficult?

Here lies the key. Focus on the word "kol" LIKE. Just like in the beginning of embarking on a new endevour_ school or a profession' we are excited and approach it with much vigor, so too we must always maintain that energy and stamina for the long haul, when the excitement can wane.

"Kol" may all our efforts be like they were in the beginning and may we continue to present our best and achieve success

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