Thursday, July 07, 2022

Tzodik Greenwald Sings Widerker - "Tzadik Katamar"

The renowned composer Meir Martin Widerker has not rested for a moment while working on his Shabbat project "SHABAT HAMALKA" and presents another song clip from it - "Tzadik Katamar", performed by the world cantor and prayer leader Tzudik Greenwald, Menachem Bristowski was taking care of the musical arrangement and the production.

There is not much to say about the connection between the world cantor Tzudik Greenwald and the composer Martin Widerker, after the great success with the songs "Ma Navu" and "Adon Olam" , the two continue to work on their great and successful connection.

Widerker has so far released fifty songs of the Shabbat HaMalka project, and already 36 clips from the fifty songs of his 5 albums performed by the great Hasidic singers

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