Thursday, July 07, 2022

LIVE: Ki Heim Chayeinu Presents: Siyum on Yevamos

Ki Heim Chayinu Invites all Lomdei Hadaf, Magidei Shiur and their families to a grand celebration of: The Siyum on Yevamos

Thursday! July 7, 2022 at 8:00 pm

Mazel Tov! Completing Maseches Yevamos took diligence, hard work, and tenacity… and the rewards are beyond measure. Now, is the time to celebrate together with your family, chavrusos, maggidei shiur and the entire Klal Yisrael.

To mark this milestone, Ki Heim Chayeinu brings you a full program of inspiration featuring the words of our great gedolim of yesteryear, zichronam livracha, digitally remastered with subtitles and english translations. Connect with Hagaon Harav Yaakov Kamenetzky zt”l, and Hagaon Harav Shimon Schwab zt”l, and enjoy a unique tribute to Rav Nota Greeblat t”l, one fo the greatest experts on Chalitza in our times.

Wait.. There’s more! Take part in a unique Shailos and Teshuvos season on Chalitza with Rav Moshe Heineman Shlit’a, and open your hearts to the divrei Brachah of Rav Hertzka Greenfeld of The 23 Minute Daf.

Rabbi Yisroel Besser will be exploring his new sefer, Exalted Moments, a project of Ki Heim Chayeinu and published by Artscroll - which brings Shabbos to life like never before. The discussion is hosted by noted author Rabbi Yitzchok Hisiger.

Be a part of it!

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