Thursday, June 09, 2022

Yaakov Singer - Yehi Libi - Single

Having experienced the great Yom Tov of Shavuos, זמן מתן תורתנו, the time Hashem gifted the Torah to the Jewish People, surely most members of כלל ישראל accepted upon themselves once again to observe the Torah and its teachings. They reaffirmed their allegiance to only do Hashem’s will. Each and every one of us called out once again the famous words of "נעשה ונשמע, we will do and we will listen," just as our forefathers did at Mount Sinai כאיש אחד בלב אחד, one nation, with one heart and one soul.

How appropriate it is then, as we leave the Yom Tov spirit behind us, to take this melody with us, sung to the holy words composed by King David יהי לבי תמים בחקך למען לא אבוש. "May my heart be wholesome, to serve you without shame, now and forever, to have the proper intentions, even when we don't fully understand Your will and have no explanation for what is happening all around us.”

May it be Hashem’s will, to help us serve him with joy and with all we have. Sing this beautiful prayer of hope and connection and continue to take the Yom Tov inspiration with you.

Composed and Performed by: Rabbi Yaakov Singer
Produced by: Hillel Kapnick

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