Sunday, June 26, 2022

The “Cossacks” by Lachmei Mordechai

The “Cossacks” seen in this clip are professional dancers hired and paid for by Lachmei Mordechai to bring joy to brokenhearted orphans on their wedding day. Their lively dancing gladdens the hearts of the orphans and their families, transforming their sadness into rejoicing as they celebrate this momentous occasion.

These Cossacks are just one small link in the long, golden chain of kindness performed by this incredible organization that was founded five years ago by Harav Meir Rosenbaum shlita, author of Derech Emunah and son of the Admor of Kretchnif Yerushalaim shlita.

Irgun Lachmei Mordechai
Sends large packages of meat, fish, challos, cakes, candies, salads, disposable utensils and other staples every week and before every yomtov to more than 130 families who have lost their husband and father or wife and mother. In total, over 360 orphans in the city of Beit Shemesh benefit from these packages. The homes of these children who have suffered such a terrible tragedy are illuminated by these packages and their broken hearts are filled with hope and joy. The cost of preparing these packages adds up to a huge amount every week.

Irgum Lachmei Mordechai
Has established 5 branches across Eretz Yisroel – in Yerushalaim, Beit Shemesh, Tzefas and Bnei Brak – where thousands of dairy supplies – including yogurt, cheese and butter, as well as a number of other basic foodstuffs – are distributed at a subsidized rate to tens of thousands of needy families of bnei Torah and impoverished people every week. The cost of this operation equals tens of thousands of shekels every week.

Irgun Lachmei Mordechai
Has established 17 branches across Eretz Yisroel where challos and cakes for Shabbos are distributed at extremely subsidized (almost free) prices. More than 10,000 challos and packages of rugelach are distributed in less than 20 minutes to thousands of families in Yerushalaim, Beitar, Beit Shemesh, Kiryat Gat and Elad.

Irgun Lachmei Mordechai
Distributed approximately 15 tons of matzos at subsidized prices to approximately 3,500 poor families in a respectable way for Pesach 5782.

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