Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Shlomo Simcha - "Ahalel Devaroi" - Single

It was a quiet morning in early spring, the calm around him enabling deep concentration as Shlomo Simcha focused on the Tehillim before him. With Covid and the imposed mitigating measures testing humanity, Shlomo Simcha turned to this particular Sefer Tehillim, his father’s final gift to him before he passed away, seeking clarity, solace and inspiration. Im Chessed Ata Oseh Imi... Bein Kach Ubein Kach LaHashem Azamera. The words of the Tehillim, and the Medrash beside it, appeared to dance off the page, their meaning so powerful that they were practically begging to be put to music. In a world that has been turned on its head, where goodness is sometimes obvious, and sometimes in hiding, the faith of Dovid Hamelech is unwavering:

“If you do kindness with me, I will sing. No matter what, I will sing to Hashem”

Shlomo Simcha saw the song in the words and brought it to renowned composer Yitzy Waldner.

Together they molded the lyrics to an aptly positive, buoyant tune. Eli Klein and Yitzy Berry rounded out the process with their incredible musical arrangement, so that Shlomo Simcha can bring to you the song, the music, the faith, the heart that is his new single “Ahalel Devaro”.

Composed by: Yitzy Waldner
Lyrics: Medrash Rabah Vayikrah 24, 2 and Tehillim 56
Arranged and recorded by: Eli Klien & Yitzy Berry Yerushalayim
Vocals Recorded at GYL Studios, Brookyn
Engineered by Gideon Levine

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