Thursday, June 02, 2022

Nigun Hiskarvus By Leiby Weisberg

I would like to present to you a new song called "Nigun Hiskarvus" a soul-stirring melody that touched the depth of my heart from the first note.

Its title tells it all! Nigun Hiskarvus, to get closer to Hashem.

As heard from the composer, a very talented young guy that goes by the name of Leiby Weisberg, he recites, that having been in the field of Therapy, he had a kid that in a growing up age he didn't know how to write anything, once Leiby had recorded this song, one day he played it while doing his job with this boy, and to shock him several minutes later the boy was writing his name and different things, this was something the boy had never done before, Leiby couldn't believe it, it really touched his heart seeing how a Nigun can do stuff like no other therapy can do.

He then played the song for the son of the Chernobill Rebbe of Boro Park which right away got connected to a song with so much warmth and showed it for his father the Rebbe, since then they sing it at the Tisch every week, on which he Rebbe says that this song has a higher purpose.

After getting so much feedback Leiby has decided to record it more professionally and to release it as a single so other Yiden can be inspired from its deep melody and come closer to Hashem as he named the song "Nigun Hiskarvus".

This time different then in the past, Leiby has recorded the song with him as the lead vocalists at which you'll notice that his sweet voice adds so much to the depth of the NIgun!

Song Credits:
Composed & Sung by Leiby Weisberg.
Music Arranged & Mixed by Chaim Yitzchok Goldman.
Cover Design by Hadar Graphics.

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