Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Laya is in Critical Condition... Immediately After Birth

Laya is in critical condition after her liver ceased to function immediately after birth.

I gaze at her through the glass incubator, tears blurring my vision.

I reach inside with a gloved hand to touch her.

I ache to hold her tight, to cradle her, to kiss her.

But she’s attached to a respirator and more tubes and wires than I can count.

I can hardly make out her sweet face from behind it all…


It’s 5 months now.

5 months since the NICU became home.

5 months, when every morning I wake up in terror that she didn’t make it through the night.

I’m already a mother for 5 months now, but I’ve never yet tasted the wonders of motherhood.

Laya is our first child. She was born on time, but right away, the doctors realized that something wasn’t right.

They put her through a battery of tests which revealed that her liver function was practically zero.

Then, 5 months after receiving the painful news, all her body systems collapsed.

From one frenzied minute to the next, we were told to travel abroad for emergency surgery. And thus, we found ourselves packing our bags and boarding a plane to save our Laya’s life.

We went with no money in our pockets, but endless tefillos in our hearts. Somehow, some way, we’d make this happen.

Because Laya is only 5 months old, and she deserves to live!

We’re here in America now, waiting with bated breath for a liver transplant.

Until now, Laya’s odds of survival were slim, but now, with the right treatment, her chances are significantly improved!

Please click here to help Baby laya

Please click here to help Baby laya

I’m reaching out to each and every one of you with a desperately, tearful cry. We’re barely married a year! Who dreams of such a challenge at this stage in life? Neither of our parents are wealthy, and we don’t have money or savings of our own yet.

But we can’t let Laya die because of money!

Please open your heart and hand to enable us to go through with surgery and save our baby’s life.

I can’t imagine returning home without her. Without tiny Laya.

Please click here to help Baby laya

Please! Be the one whose donation makes the difference.
Help us hold her, caress her and embrace her—without a glass partition.
Save our baby’s life!

Please click here to help Baby laya

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