Wednesday, June 08, 2022

Akiva Schechter ft. Pinny Ostreicher - Dance Medley

Miami native Akiva Schechter has already released two hit singles and has caught the attention of Jewish music fans worldwide. While his first single V’omar Bayom Hahu showcased his vocal prowess with a ballad, his second single Tzadik showed that he has the chops to sing a fast upbeat Israeli style as well.

Recently, Akiva released the first of his live videos from a recent performance featuring a spectacular Chupah set showcasing his amazing vocals!

Now join Akiva, accompanied by Pinny Ostreicher and his orchestra for an energetic and fun dance medley featuring some of today’s biggest hits and yesterday’s classics.

For booking or other information please call 305-726-4530 or email

Produced by Yochi Briskman
Music Arranged and Conducted by Pinny Ostreicher
Video filmed by Menachem Weinstein
Video edited by Platinum Edit
Live Sound by Choni Productions - Miami
Audio Mixed by Chaim Gottesman
Recorded live at Beth Torah Benny Rok Campus, Miami, FL

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