Monday, May 23, 2022

Shimma’le Didn't Celebrate his Upsheren in Meron!

Instead of celebrating in Meron. we'll be placing a yarmulke on his bald head

I’m standing here at the tziyun of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai.

Tears course down my cheeks; loneliness and heartache consumes every part of my being.

After long years of agonizing fertility treatments, the doctors have told us that there is no more hope.

I refused to believe it.

I’d already lost both my parents. How could it be that I would bear no future generations either?

Would my husband and I really leave this world barren, without a child to recite kaddish after us?

I turned to Rabbi Shimon and promised that if Hashem gave us a son in his merit, I would name him Shimon!

Three months later, the doctors couldn’t believe the test results. It was a miracle beyond miracles.

I was expecting a child.

One year after I spilled rivers of tears in Meron, I gave birth to a healthy baby boy, and eight days later, we brought baby Shimon into the covenant of Avraham Avinu.

We were ecstatic with our heavenly gift, our baby Shimon, our beautiful Shimma’le. We innocently believed that our troubles had ended.

But two years later, Shimon began exhibiting odd symptoms, and following a series of tests, the doctors revealed the heartbreaking truth.

Our darling Shimon has cancer.

After all we’d endured on the bumpy road to parenthood, after years spent davening and weeping, after knowing that Shimon would be our one and only child and rejoicing that we had him, we were on the verge of losing him.

I returned to Meron, to Rabbi Shimon, and released floodgates of tears.

I lifted my eyes to the Ribono shel Olam and wept: “Hashem, this is too much for me! You gave us this one and only child. Don’t take Him away from us!”

I turned to Rabbi Shimon and begged, “Rabbi Shimon, this is your child! Daven for him! Save him!”

Shimon is our only child—our life and our future. Without Shimon, we have nothing!

Shimma’le is about to celebrate his 3-year-old birthday.

But instead of celebrating it in Meron with joy and thanksgiving, as planned…

Instead of cutting his beautiful golden locks and curling his sweet peyos…

Instead of shedding a tear as he licks honey off the alef-beis in cheder…

We’ll be placing a large yarmulke on his bald head in the Oncology ward.

Because for Shimma’le, there is no sweet honey and no alef beis.

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For Shimma’le, there is no upsherin and no golden peyos.

For Shimma’le, there is only cancer and pain.

Doctors and medicines. Painkillers and more painkillers…

Instead of anticipating the day when my husband will carry him to cheider wrapped in a tallis,

I’m terrified for the day that he’ll be carried out of the hospital in a tallis on his final journey…

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Day by day, we’re watching our beautiful Shimma’le wither away, unable to believe that this is really happening to us.

We want to awaken from this nightmare, but this is no dream. This is our dark, bitter reality.

We’re on the verge of losing Shimma’le.

There is one experimental treatment that can save him, but we’re still in major debt from fertility treatment, and no one is willing to loan us the funds for the treatment.

Please! This child is Rabbi Shimon’s child! He’s Klal Yisrael’s child.

And he’s our only child. He’s all we have.

Please, I’m begging you! If you’re reading this, please join us in the battle to save our Shimma’le’s life!

With your generous contribution, we can fund the treatment that is his last hope of life.

Hashem granted us salvation once, and He can surely do it again!

But we need your help!

Donate now to save our little Shimma’le, and im yirtzeh Hashem, when we’re zocheh to celebrate a seudas hodaya in Meron, in the tziyun of Rabbi Shimon, we’ll remember you too.

We’ll remember you, daven that Hashem should grant you the help and salvation that you need and that you should always be among the givers of our nation.

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