Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Shimmy Felberbaum - Gruz In Baimer - Music Video

Check out the first collaboration by Shlomo Mehlman of Kumzits Everywhere Studio and Vocalist Shimmy Felberbaum.

Gruz In Baimer is a song that takes you on a meditative journey through an enchanted forest, where you traverse the hills and take in all of Hashem’s beauty.

סיז דא גראז, סיז דא ביימער. סיז דא אלעס וואס איך דארף, אלעס וואס איך דארף.
יהי כבוד ה’ לעולם ישמח ה’ במעשיו.

There is grass; there are trees. There is everything I need, everything I need. May the glory of G-d be with us forever. May He rejoice in His creations.

Composed and performed by Shimmy Felberbaum
Piano by Zalmy Schreiber
Arranged, recorded, mixed, mastered, filmed and edited by Shlomo Mehlman at Kumzits Everywhere Studio in Brooklyn, NY.

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