Thursday, April 28, 2022

Renewal, Saving Lives

Yossi is distraught.

The news was devastating.
He struggled to hold the phone in his trembling hands.
And thus begin the questions.

“But, How”?
“Im in the best shape of my life!?”
“I feel fine!”

But he wasn’t fine. Not by a long shot.

Yossi, a loving husband and father, friend and beloved coworker, desperately needed a new kidney.
He could not live without it. Not for long anyway.

Kidney disease and kidney failure are the hard reality that so many face, often with nowhere to turn following this crushing news.

Enter, Renewal.

Since 2006, Renewal has dedicated itself to combatting kidney disease, and indeed, on the very front lines.

In addition to all the logistical work that goes into pairing a match between donor and recipient, Renewal is actively and aggressively growing their network of potential donors with regular swab drives across communities.

Donors and recipients alike will be entirely cared for, hand held, throughout their entire process, and advocated for with the very best of advice, resources and guidance.

To make this process as simple as possible, they will even pay the lost wages of a donor during the entire process.

Remember, these are people who, in the ultimate display of selflessness, are literally going “under the knife” for someone they may not know at all!

Renewal is launching their annual fundraising drive,, with the goal to vastly expand their reach of both donors and recipients.

The campaign will take place May 11-12, but the page is open to accept donations.

You may not know it now, but chances are someone you know has been given a 2nd chance at life thanks to Renewal, and their lifesaving efforts.

Consider joining the campaign today, until kidney disease is truly a thing of the past!


To further your impact, you are encouraged to join the campaign as an “Ambassador”, by taking a page of your own.

We pray for the day when kidney disease will he a thing of the past. Until then, Renewal!

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