Thursday, April 28, 2022

One Dollar A Day To Help Chabad Centers Worldwide

Let’s face it, we all have obligations in our lives, and while we appreciate the importance of giving tzedakah and supporting shluchim in their efforts, it doesn’t always happen despite our good intentions.

Shluchim receive extremely limited funding and NO salaries from a "Lubavitch headquarters". In addition to being far from home and doing without the conveniences of living in an established Jewish community, shluchim rely solely on donations to cover their operational costs and many face personal hardships ,which is what Daily Dollar is all about.

The beauty of DollarDaily is that it costs less than your morning cup of coffee and once you sign up, tzedakah is part of your day, every day. Best of all, by pooling the contributions of the entire DollarDaily community, your contribution becomes even more meaningful and will have a significant impact on the life of that day’s chosen beneficiary.

Most of us won’t miss having one less dollar in our wallets at the end of the day, and by joining the DollarDaily , we can partner with our shluchim in all that they do. Think of your contribution as a daily pat on the back to our shluchim, but we are right there in the trenches with them.

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