Saturday, April 02, 2022

Chusid Breslov - DJ Farbreng Feat. Moshe Storch

The words of this song are quoted from the Breslover Tzaddik R’ Avraham Ben R’ Nachman who said “A Breslov Chasid needs to dance at least a half hour every day!”

For most of us, if someone would instruct us to stand up, lift our hands above our head, and start dancing, it would make us very uncomfortable. We’d much prefer having them crossed across our chest, or hanging at our sides, in their default position.

But dancing is such a powerful tool as it builds confidence, relieves stress, and helps us feel unlimited!

When attaining simcha you need to be free without physical restrictions!

To break free from a world of limitations, constant restrictions, and a lot of insecurities, which are all things which affect both our bodies and our minds, we have to loosen up and avail ourselves of this incredibly powerful tool while allowing our external actions to profoundly affect our internal psyche.

Rebbe Nachman talks about Mili D’Shtusa… the benefit of engaging in seemingly foolish activities. He encourages us to perform foolish acts such as jumping, laughing, and dancing for no apparent reason. But he knew the ultimate truth; that these movements really help!

Let’s all get out of our small-mindedness and into this light-as-a-feather feeling of true joy and simcha!

Song Composed by The Blumstein Brothers
Produced and Arranged by Izzy Drihem
Sung by Moshe Storch
Music Produced and Arranged by Izzy Drihem
Produced by TYH Nation | Farbrengable Studios | Mendy Portnoy

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