Sunday, March 13, 2022

אין דבר רע Yaakov Shwekey Shwekey ft. Shimon Levi

"I would like you to meet Shimon Levi. Shimon was a few weeks old baby when a terror attack occurred on Motzei Shabbat 20 years ago (Adar 5762 - March 2002) in Bet Yisrael neighborhood in Jerusalem. Shimon was rescued from under a car that was on fire that night. (A Riveting Story that’s in production and will be released soon) Shimon and his family survived.

A few weeks ago I got from my Friend, the Musical Producer Tamir Zur, a draft for the lyrics "That nothing Bad comes from Heaven". The song and the message touched me deeply and I told Tamir that during my next visit to Israel, we must record this song.

This song was composed by Shimon Levi, the baby who survived 20 years ago, who is not only talented in writing music and lyrics, but also a singer with an Amazing Voice and I invited him to perform the song as a Duet.

It’s there in that Holy Shimon Hatzadik’s Cave that Rabbi Oren Levi (Shimon’s Father) spreads Torah to all who want to learn and grow! And yes in that cave as he was learning with my Dear Friend Tamir Zur he told him about the song that is spreading quickly around the world... enjoy it and sing along!"

English translation:
There is a general rule in life
That we believe with perfect faith
That nothing Bad comes from Heaven
It is only good, and it is all good!

Lyrics: The Pele Yoetz
Composed: Israel Gutfarb, Shimon Levi
Arranged: Tamir Zur
Choirs: Yanky Cohen

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