Saturday, March 12, 2022

Shmuly Schneider - Ad Bli Dai - Lyric Video

Enjoy this high-energy new song produced by Eli Klein and Yitzy Berry. After recently hitting the scene, Shmuly Schneider has already earned a name for himself as a gifted singer with a voice that can inspire a crowd of hundreds and pull a room full of wedding guests out of their chairs and onto the dance floor.

Ad Bli Dai is a foot-tapping, steering-wheel-drumming, dance-floor-throbbing song that will lift you higher and make your day brighter, just in time for Purim.

The inspiration for this song comes from the passuk: B’chol ha’makom asher azkir es sh’mi, avo eilecha u’veirachticha. Hashem is telling us that when we mention His name through davening and learning, He will come and bentch us Ad Bli Dai- to no end!

Produced by: Eli Klein and Yitzy Berry
Composed by: Yitzy Berry
Recording studio: The Sideyard Studio
Graphic design: TechniqCreative
Lyric Video: Blinq Media
Marketing: NORMYN Media

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