Tuesday, March 01, 2022

Screams of Small Children Lost in the Deafening Explosions

The terrified screams of small children are nearly lost in the deafening explosions all around.

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All around the world, we’re glued to the news report and headlines, waiting anxiously to hear what the next hours and days will bring.

And far away in Ukraine, in the midst of the fires, bombing and peril, are young orphans who have no one to clutch their hands, hold them tight, and promise them that everything will be okay. 

Because who can guarantee their safety when they’re hiding out in the orphanage, right on the border, directly in the line of fire???

Please click here to help the little Orphans

We have dozens of orphans of

all ages here in the orphanages waiting in terror for their chance to be spirited away to safety.

The children in Donetsk are trembling from the frost and panic, beseeching us to help them escape a world torn asunder!

Their cries pierce our hearts. “Help us get out of here! Let us live!”

They’re all alone in the orphanage, shivering in the dreadful cold, with no one to help them or embrace them with a promise of safety.

Please, dear brothers and friends!

Let’s give these children the promise of safety, of life! Let’s hold their hand and lead them to a safe haven away from the front lines!

DONATE NOW to save the life of innocent Jewish orphans!

Please click here to help the little Orphans

A roof over their heads, food, warm clothing and basic supplies to replace all they were forced to leave behind add up to a fortune!If we don’t unite to help these young orphans, who will???

It’s up to us! Reach out NOW to save our yesomim in Ukraine!!!

Please click here to help the little Orphans

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