Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Motty Atias - Briev Tzi Yanky (Official Music Lyrics Video)

The Music Artist Motty Atias is well known in the Jewish music industry for his beautiful inspiring songs and now he is here once more with a 4th song called “Briev Tzi Yanky”

On Tuesday February 9th we got informed that our beloved friend Yanky Grosinger is in a critical condition, and fighting for his life, but sadly that night he was taken from us.

For the past 4 years Yanky was an active member of the famous Geldzahler Chabura which is located in Jerusalem. In a visit in May of 2021 Motty Atias connected to this great Chabura thanks to Yanky’s warm embrace.

Having a personal relationship with Yanky, Motty felt an emotional connection to the tragedy, so he composed A Melody and asked his Close friend Rab Hershy Leitner for a Musical opinion. Together they polished this heartwarming song and tried getting it to good quality.

Between the days of working on this project, we unexpectedly lost another good friend of ours, Hatzadik Kalmy Sofer A"H, which sadly broke our broken hearts again. Therefore this song is dedicated in Memory of all our dear friends who recently lost their lives Hashem Yeracheim, including Hachusen Yanky Grosinger A"H, Kalmy Sofer A"H, Yiddy Lebowitz ZT"L.


Composed: Hershy Leitner & Motty Atias
Sung & Lyrics: Motty Atias
Music by: Efraim Markowitz # Isreal
Vocal Production, Mix & Master, & Produced by: Gershy Schwarcz, @Edgeware Studios
Choirs: David Taub & Sinai Barmetz
Cover Design, Video Produced & Directed By: Yossi Freid @The Tagine Group

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