Tuesday, March 08, 2022

LIVE: The Global Siyum on Moed – A 2 Day Event

Join and celebrate Torah for 2 whole days!

In honor of the completion of Seder Moed and the start of Seder Nashim, Ki Heim Chayeinu, a division of Agudas Yisroel, is launching a two-day Livestream event to unite Klal Yisrael in learning, celebration, and song.

Be a part of it!

The time is now – with the completion of seder Moed, we are already one third of the way through Shas!

To mark this milestone, Ki Heim Chayeinu brings you two full days of inspiration featuring the words of our great gedolim of yesteryear, zichronam livracha, digitally remastered with subtitles and english translations.Connect with Reb Moshe and Reb Yaakov, be inspired by Rav Gifter and Rav Schwab, relive the touching words of Rav Pam and the Klausenberger Rebbe and so many more. The program also includes all-new interviews, musical presentations and divrei hisorirus, plus highlights from past Siyumim to relive the dancing, the music, and the majesty of Klal Yisrael’s global celebrations.

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