Monday, March 14, 2022

Dear Am Yisroel Feat. Benny Friedman - Music Video

Yad Yisroel was founded in 1990 to tend to the needs of our Jewish brethren in the former Soviet Union. Since the outbreak of war, they have they have been at the forefront of rescuing operations as well as the maintenance of thousands of Jewish refugees, utilizing their extensive task force in Ukraine and abroad to help save Ukrainian Jewry. You can help by contributing at

Composed by Heshy Walfish
Recorded on JEP 1 as Dear Nikolai with Lyrics by Chesky Kornfeld.
Updated Lyrics by Chayala Neuhaus with Dovi Safier
Produced & Arranged by Doni Gross
Executive Producer / Concept - Dovi Safier / Blumstein Brothers
Performed by Benny Friedman
Video by Rivkin Media

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