Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Together We Can Raise the Funds to Save Binyamin’s Life!

Together, we can raise the funds to cover Binyamin’s surgery and save his life!

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Two months ago, who would have believed that my little Binyamin would be hovering on the brink of life and death?

I’m still waiting to awaken from this nightmare and return to the normal, simply, carefree existence that we lived until now.

But until I do, we’ll have to continue fighting to save Binyamin, fighting this battle that’s so much stronger than us. A battle so overwhelming that I’m forced to sit down and write you this letter from the bottom of my heart… 

Please click here to save Binyamin’s life

My name is Estie, and I’m Binyamin’s mommy.

My husband and I waited eagerly and prayed tearfully for Binyamin, our firstborn, for many years. Several months ago, we celebrated his upsherin, shedding tears of joy as he proudly donned a yarmulke and tzitzis for the first time.

And now, we’re on the verge of losing him!

A month ago, Binyamin complained that his head hurt. We didn’t think much of it. I gave him a drink and kiss and told him that he’d feel better soon.

But he didn’t. Over the next few days, he complained often, and then he started to vomit.

I took him to the doctor, still assuming that it was a bad virus, although a little voice in my head warned of something worse.

The doctor sent us for standard blood tests, which were followed by more comprehensive testing that caused our hearts to pound in terror. After dozens of checks and scans, we received the chilling, shattering diagnosis.

 Binyamin has a brain tumor.

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There was no time to lose, and Binyamin was rushed into surgery for hours. He remained in the operating room for what felt like an eternity, at the end of which the surgeons emerged wearing grave expressions.

They told us that there is but one treatment that can save his life, and this surgery is available in only one place in the world—Vienna.

“Every hour is crucial,” we were warned. “Your son needs this surgery immediately.”

It was at this point that I felt that it was just too much to bear. My beautiful, precious Binyamin is ill. Not just ill, but dying. And now we needed to make emergency arrangements to fly him to Austria for surgery.

A surgery that we can’t afford.

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We’re struggling financially. We haven’t even managed to cover our rent in several months.

 It’s been ages since I’ve bought even the simplest treat or yogurt for the kids.

New clothes for the winter? We can’t dream of it.

How are we supposed to come up with the astronomic sum to cover air travel to Vienna? Accommodations and food when we arrive? Medicines and treatments that won’t be covered by health insurance? A babysitter in Vienna for my toddler and infant during the long days when we’re in the hospital?

But how can I let money stand in the way of my child’s life?

How can I balk at the thought of begging you all to help if it will save Binyamin?!

We can’t let Binyamin die because we can’t afford the surgery that can save his life!

I’ll do everything in my power, give everything I have, to save him.

This is why I’m turning to you now and begging you to help save my Binyamin!

This surgery is his only chance to live. Don’t let us lose him! Join us in saving his life!


Don’t let Binyamin die!

Please click here to save Binyamin’s life

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