Saturday, February 26, 2022

LIVE: Hatzolah Auction of the Year! Central Jersey

Precious moments of opportunity, we awake and rise anew,
The gift of life, granted to me and to you,
Countless Mitzvos to be fulfilled, Torah, Tefillah Chessed abounding,
A priceless gift, Vechai bahem, life´s value resounding.

And when faced with peril, and time is cut by a knife,
In seconds he is there, for nothing is more important than life,
Following in the ways of Hashem, each and every member strives,
Mechalkel chaim bechesed, to protect the gift only He provides.

Every breath we take, every smile we give and receive,
We appreciate life more and more, renewing our belief,
Showing your appreciation for life, ensures happiness will never wither,
By entering the Auction of Life, where everyone's a winner.

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