Monday, February 28, 2022

Boro Park Shomrim

Boro Park feels like a peaceful island amid a raging ocean

The crime surge throughout New York City during the last few years is no secret, yet Boro Park still feels relatively calm.

If you think about it, it’s pretty remarkable. Boro Park is not a gated community, it is open to New York City on all sides, and there’s no passport control to enter. How is it that the crime rate is so much lower than the rest of the city?

The answer is simple. Hashem has granted us loyal messengers, in the form of a group of dedicated Heimishe Yidden, Boro Park Shomrim volunteers, who care enough to sacrifice their time, jobs, and families to guard our community and your assets and prevent damage and distress to fellow community members

Shomrim has been serving the community for almost 35 years with great mesiras nefesh, and expanding their services to the community as necessary.

Throughout there many years of service, Shomrim has developed a close working relationship with the police department, on the local precinct level, as well as with police headquarters in Manhattan, which has proven very beneficial for our community.

Maintaining this critical operation necessitates the use of costly equipment, a fleet of cars and trucks, a sophisticated communication system, and fully-functional headquarters to serve the community during any extraordinary events.

The dedicated Shomrim volunteers look forward to your generous contribution. Aside from the financial assistance, it will provide them with the necessary moral support and motivation to continue their selfless work on your behalf.

May this merit of your participation protect you from any harm!

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