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Shaar L’Hashem | Shlomo Reich | TYH Nation

The Shaar is an unbelievably exciting and unique kiruv Yeshiva experience based in the Five Towns / Far Rockaway for young Jewish professionals from secular backgrounds from around the country and beyond.

The 60 holy brothers of the Shaar - heroes all - have each, through their own unique journey, heard and responded to the calls of their thirsty Pintele Yid, and have uprooted themselves from their secular surroundings and resettled in the amazing and vibrant Torah community of Lawrence and Far Rockaway.

Some of the Shaar chevra have put their careers on hold while they have thrown themselves into learning at the Shaar’s full-day kiruv Yeshiva program based in Shor Yoshuv. Others continue to work full-time and build their professional careers, while shteiging at the Shaar in the evenings, on Shabbos and on weekends together with the Shaar’s Rebbeim, dedicated community members and friends. Whether they’re learning at the Shaar full time, or working / learning, one thing unites them all: each and every one of them were moser nefesh to leave their old lives behind and step through The Shaar - the gateway - to an authentic, rich and lively Yiddishkeit, built around Torah learning and living, chessed, and a strong and dynamic Torah community.

The holy brothers of the Shaar connect deeply and integrate often with the wonderful community members, kehillos and shuls of the Five Towns, through weekly Shabbos meals and other community events. One of the greatest and most notable community connection points is via the Shaar’s legendary Thursday night community Shteig programs, where the Shaar comes to a shul for 1-on-1 learning with the shul members, followed by an awesome and geshmak get-ready-for-Shabbos farbrengen with live music, singing, ruach, l’chaims and unbelievable achdus between the Shaar chevra and the community members. These learning programs and farbrengens are led by R’ Shlomo Reich, a Lawrence balabus who is co-founder & senior mashpia of the Shaar, and who is well-known for his warmth, ruach, music and ahavas yisrael.

On Thursday, October 28th 2021, The Shaar, together with Rav Yussie Zakutinsky and the amazing kehilla of K’hal Mevakshei Hashem, celebrated the Pidyon HaBen for seven amazing Shaar members. These holy brothers had never been aware of their Torah obligation to redeem themselves from a Cohen…it certainly never occurred to their fathers, some of whom are not even members of the tribe! A casual question asked to one of the Shaar guys at a Shabbos meal hosted by an amazing and involved KMH member resulted in the stunning revelation that a Pidyon HaBen was required. Further research showed that six other Shaar chevra also needed to be redeemed…and the rest was history. A Kiddush Shem Shamayim of the highest magnitude was held and history was made as seven pure and holy neshamos were redeemed, many of them 25+ years delayed…but as we all know: it’s never too late!

After a beautiful and exciting learning program with the Shaar and KMH chevra, where the chavrusa pairs delved into the sugya and penimiyus of the mitzvah of Pidyon HaBen, the Pidyon HaBen ceremony and stunning celebration seudah were held, followed by a lichtigeh farbrengen filled with unbridled joy, spirited dancing, close achdus and holy fire. It was an experience that will stay with those in attendance for the rest of their lives.

This song, Shaar L’Hashem – pulsating with deep feeling, holy energy and joyous excitement - was composed by the Blumstein Brothers and sung by R’ Shlomo Reich, in honor of the Shaar and the seven redeemed holy brothers of the Shaar: Benny Goldstein, Joshua Simone, Max Gold, Jacob Tuwiner, Jonny Dolezal, Jeff Buchbinder and Jon Korbelnikov.

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