Monday, January 10, 2022

Please See (Lyric Video) - Vocal by Pinny Schachter

This is an uplifting and inspirational Lyric Video for the song Please See with vocal by Pinny Schachter and composed by Michelle Anflick. Listeners will be inspired to strengthen relationships as they ask others to 'please see' their place in life and to 'please see' where they want to go. This song will make the listener feel hope and inspiration as the combination of beautiful music, stunning video images, and heartfelt lyrics touch the heart and uplift the soul.

Please See by Michelle Anflick is a song that was written as prayer to G-d and can be heard as a message within other relationships as well. We want others to see where we might find ourselves in life and realize that although we may feel struggles and challenges, we can feel inspired to move forward in life as we connect to G-d and feel strengthened in that relationship.

A relationship of a person with G-d can also parallel a child to parent relationship, a marriage relationship, or a friendship. We feel inspired and uplifted when we know that there is someone else we value and respect who is there for us and can see what we need and how to support us. That support from G-d, our parent, our partner in a marriage, or our friend is what helps us get to where we need to be.

Viewers who watch the Please See lyric video and listen to the song, may feel a sense of connection in a relationship and be inspired to include this song in a wedding playlist. The message of strengthening relationships and being connected to another will enhance the feeling of meaning at a wedding and further uplift the wedding participants.

People who listen to this song or who view the Please See Lyric Video with vocal by Pinny Schachter and composed by Michelle Anflick can use the powerful message found within this song as a way to strengthen and make their relationship with G-d or others in their life more meaningful, inspirational, uplifted, and connected.

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