Saturday, January 08, 2022

Chanukah in the air! • Tantzers • Highlights Video

For close to 200 families, the annual Tantzers pre Chanukah event was a light in the dark.

Fighting illness or helping a family member through it, they all know their share of suffering. Tantzers is a beacon of light, being mesamech and helping in whichever ways possible.

The night began in a well-lit ballroom filled with smiling volunteers and a massive buffet of mouth-watering, delectable dishes.

When all had had their fill, The Chicago Boys performed a most riveting acrobatic show, mesmerizing the crowd all around.

Then the lebediga dancing started. It wasn’t just people dancing. It was dancing filled with connection and meaning. Sick fathers held hands with their kids; volunteers danced with sick children; brothers created one circle, evoking a charged vibe filled with emotion.

Motti Breier Productions, Lev Choir, and Shea Berko kept the crowd on their feet with live music and singing.

Yishai Lapidot made a guest appearance and stole the show.

One could forget all about their suffering and pain for a split second. Raizy Pavlov led the women dancing with her spirited and energetic style.

After that release of energy, dessert was served. With happy hearts and full stomachs, the crowd gathered for a soul-stirring and emotional kumzitz, led by Meilich Braunstein, and beseeched Hashem for salvation and Moshiach.

The night ended on a high when every participant was gifted a huge box of toys and games to bring smiles long after the mega event.

As one participant said, ‘The lebadigkeit and Simcha in the air will for sure keep us going for weeks.'

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