Saturday, January 22, 2022

A Classical Kumzitz to Remember - Yoel Dovid Goldstein

A beautiful kumzitz medley with a heartwarming mix of songs, A Classical Kumzitz to Remember will touch your heart and have you singing along with the talented Yoel Dovid Goldstein. In addition to featuring six nostalgic favorites, A Classical Kumzitz to Remember also introduces an all new original composition by Yoel Dovid.

Gam Ki Eilech - Tomid B’Simcha (MBD), composed by MBD
Lernin - A Toast to Life (Yaakov Shwekey), composed by Hershi Weinberger
B’cha Batchu - all new, composed by Yoel Dovid Goldstein
Refoeinu - L’Tova (Lipa Schmeltzer), composed by Lipa Schmeltzer
Shimu - Shabbos Yerushalayim (Miami Boys Choir), composed by Yerachmiel Begun
Kol Hanechalim - L’Yachada Shemei (Naftali Kempeh), composed by Naftali Kempeh
Happy Days - Miracles (MBD), composed by Yossi Green

Conducted by Efraim Berkowitz
Produced by Chaim Blumenthal
Live sound by Double U Sound
Audio by Hershy Pavel
Video by Motty Engel
Video editing by Platinum Edit

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