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Shuvu Banim - Moshe Auslander - TYH Nation

TYH Nation Presents: Shuvu Banim by Moshe Auslander

Chazal tell us that every day a heavenly voice, a Bas Kol, calls out to every Jewish soul, proclaiming, "Shuvu Banim Shovevim, My wayward children return to me." Sometimes we hear that voice stirring our soul to connect to G-d, sometimes we act on it, and sometimes the background noise and rush of everyday habits drown it out.

One of the Tannaim, the sages of the Talmud, named Elisha Ben Avuya, turned away from a life of connection to Hashem. He came to be known as Acher, or, "The other one." One day he heard this heavenly voice and he was positive it said, "Shuvu Banim Shovevim- Chutz MeiAcher- everyone can return except for Acher." He broke, and lost hope of ever returning.

Sometimes, when we hear that voice, and are inspired to return we hear the same thing he did; "Chutz MeiAcher, except for me. After all I've done, and after I've been gone for so long, after all my failed attempts at getting stronger, there is NO WAY Hashem meant me. Everyone else sure, but me? No way.

The truth is though, Hashem never gives up on His children. Not as a nation, and not as individuals. Our Rabbis teach that He didn't even give up on Acher. He really waited for his Teshuvah.

He knows what we've done. And He loves us anyways. When he said Shuvu BAnim- return my children.... he lovingly meant each and every one of us.

The weeks from Parshas (the Torah portion of) Shemos through Parshas Mishpatim are known as Shovevim. The first letters of the Hebrew names of each portion form the acronym, Shovevim. These weeks are especially opportune times to due Teshuva. The Parshios detail our descent into the lowest depths of Mitzraim (Egypt) and the upward journey of Yetzias Mitzraim (the Exodus) until we reached the most supreme levels above and beyond, and we received the Torah at Sinai.

So too, A Jew can return even from the deepest depths- he is never too far- and these weeks offer special Heavenly assistance to grow from even the lowest places.

This song is a personal conversation I had with Hashem, when I was feeling exactly these thoughts. It's an honor to share it with you.

Thank you to my new and close friends at TYH Nation for working together to bring this holy niggun to the world. Thank You Hashem! Moish

R' Moshe Auslander is a Mechanech, Rebbe and Camp Director in New York and New Jersey. His excitement and fire accompanies him from the classroom to heilige farbrengens with the chevra- when R' Moshe's in the room prepare for holy liftoff! Thank You Hashem is a group of amazing Yidden who love Hashem and are committed to helping as many Yidden as possible to feel close to our Father in Heaven.

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