Monday, December 13, 2021

LIVE: Ki Heim Chayeinu Global Siyum on Taanis

We've all been enjoying our learning of the short Masechtas in Seder Moed, with geshmak of the wonderful agadata gemaras and relatable sugyos, making siyumim together every month.

Now, what could be more geshmak than an agatata gemara with lessons and stories from the daf told to us by the one and only, world renowned, Rabbi Dovid Orlovsky?

Join us tonight for an incredible program:

Ki Heim Chayeinu’s siyum on Maseches Taanis

Featuring: Stories from The Daf...Never before released music and dancing from The Siyum at Barclays...Elevate your Shabbos with Masmidei HaShabbos featuring Rav Yosef Elephant Shlit”a...

And…Announcing the launch of the 14th Cycle of Mishnah Yomi, with divrei chizuk from gedolei yisroel.

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