Sunday, December 12, 2021

Introducing: Most Sophisticated Sefer Torah Truck

Some occasions call for the extraordinary.

Completing a sefer Torah is as momentous as it is heartwarming. The event celebrating the occasion should reflect the undiluted joy that this milestone evokes.

Double U Sound brings you the perfect platform to express all that your heart wishes to say as you escort the priceless treasure to its new home.

Let the music spread the joy. A cutting edge sound system will transmit the notes of emotion and the wide range audio will ensure that the joy wraps the entire entourage, no matter how large.

The spacious stage and impressive crown will guarantee that all those who wish to be in close proximity to the Torah have a chance to dance away the night.

In the event of a downpour the truck is fully equipped with waterproof technology to make sure that the Torah is completely protected from the elements.

We know that your needs are unique and we will customize the truck to your specifications. No request is too large or small. We want the event to be everything you ever dreamed of and will be there for you to plan it to perfection.

As a parting gift, we will provide you with footage of the event so you can hold onto the memories forever.

Take the Torah Home In a way that befits its stature.

Book your event with W SOUND you will not be disappointed, or call: 8452636417

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