Sunday, November 07, 2021

Yanky Ausch - Yanky Daskal - Neshama - My Heart

He began his musical career only a year ago, and is performing already in front of massive audiences in Israel and worldwide.

As we enter the season of weddings and big events, STAGE productions is happy to introduce their first ever single by the musical talent, Yanki Oish joined by composer and world musician Yaakov Yoda Daskel who is also responsible for the masterful melody of this song, as he did for other hits such as, Vayehi Zari, Vihi Noam, V’ilu Pinu, and more.

They are joined by the exclusive choir: NESHAMA, conducted by Itzik Filmer and the talented FIRE Orchestra led by Yanki Landau

All you have to do is enjoy the result!

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