Sunday, November 14, 2021

Mendy Fisch - Sight of Sunrise [Official Lyric Video]

A powerful song poetically helping us to see and appreciate everything we have. A story about gratitude. A story about triumph. A story turning darkness into light.

Composed & Lyrics by: Chananya Hoschander
Arranged by: Doni Gross
Artwork: Flash of Design

- - -

Meet Mendy Fisch. Mendy is a musician, composer, and vocalist, with 20+ years of experience performing in both live, and studio settings. As an artist, Mendy strives to share, not just his music, but his expression of experiences, stories, and deep messages. Whether at a Bar Mitzvah or a corporate event, Mendy offers a unique blend of class and elegance, along with a strong presence of musical feeling. With a special ability to sit down at a piano and turn any story or idea into a piece of music that can speak its emotions, Mendy has had his compositions featured on albums by renowned artists, including Benny Friedman.

Let Mendy’s vocal charm, along with creator Chananya Hoschander’s brilliant composition take you on a journey of discovery and emotion.

Allow yourself to truly uncover the Sight of Sunrise that is within your life.

For more info or to have Mendy at your next event, please call 917-757-3950.

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