Monday, November 29, 2021

Itzik Orlev - Olam Chadash

Olam Chadash has an up-tempo, happy and contemporary pop-reggaeton sound. The music video is directed by Liron Aputa, filmed in the beautiful grounds of Timna Park in Israel and choreographed by Or Edrei. It features Or’s dance troupe as astronauts dancing with Itzik in another world, between earth and sky. Untouched by man. A place where a person truly feels their sole dependence on the generosity of G-d.

Itzik‘s message in this new song is: “The new world that follows Covid19, has brought us all to a reality where people understand much more that only the will of God is what determines how we live. What was – is not necessarily what will be. ‘For, behold, the keeper of Israel has neither rested nor slept.’”

The music was composed by Yaakov Menashe, the lyrics written by Tamar Sharvit (Asanfi) and musical arrangement and production by Snir Marcus.

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